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I will never forget that evening of all campers and I sitting in the chair, watching this small black-and-white TV with Neil Armstrong coming out of the lunar module in that very blurry image from the moon. The room was in total awe, you could hear a pin drop.

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I will never forget this day! Schramm has been fascinated with the moon landing ever since. He and his family even met Aldrin in when the former astronaut returned to Montclair to celebrate his old school being renamed Buzz Aldrin Middle School.

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In King, North Carolina, then year-old Cathy Goff, an avid Star Trek and science fiction fan, followed Apollo 11 closely, cutting newspaper clippings about the mission for a school science project:. I love anything space related.

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  4. I had a model of the Apollo 11 rocket, the lunar module, and the Star Trek Enterprise on my desk. I still have my scrapbook of newspaper clippings starting one week before blast off until the day the astronauts came out of quarantine on the Apollo 11 mission. It was one of the greatest thrills of my life! On July 20, , David Waldrup of Reston, Virginia, was celebrating not only man's first steps on the moon, he was also chowing down on chocolate cake for his 15th birthday:. I built models of the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo spacecraft and read everything I could find on the vehicles and men flying them.

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    But I was most excited when, on my 15th birthday, my family gathered around our TV to watch the live broadcast in Dallas, Texas, as Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. What a birthday gift for an excited space nut! And then my next feeling was, wow, what are we going to do next?

    It's literally not just the sky, but outer space is the limit. When I visited the Kennedy Space Center over 5 summers in the 70's, I was very lucky to have my parents take me down to witness the launch of Apollo Two weeks before liftoff I took one of many bus tours and stopped at the observation area and shot these two images.

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    Using the same technique the astronauts used to make panoramas I just recently stitched them together to make this large dramatic shot of the VAB and the Apollo 15 vehicle on launch pad 39A. This flight has always been special to me.

    follow link I would never in my wildest dreams think that some 30 years later I would research and construct a 3D lunar rover from this mission. On the morning of Apollo 15's launch, my family and I were on the beach at Cocoa Beach, right where the causeway ends at the beach past highway A1A. On that morning we heard the first few seconds of the liftoff broadcast over the radio. Liftoff was at a. Aldrin was also honored by the U. His work resulted in never-before-seen bits of footage that depicted what the astronauts actually went through during the mission.

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    The documentary has two versions — a minute-by-minute account of the nine-day mission and a shorter minute film. Home Science Space. Love Tech Times?