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TheLethalCarrot MrMosco MrMosco 71 2 2 bronze badges. Zeiss Ikon Zeiss Ikon Bobbles collapsing hadn't been discovered yet in The Peace War. I haven't read it since the 80s, but I believe the main character was a woman who emerged from a bobble which was created right at the beginning of the 'war'. She had been in a space shuttle. Actually she might not have been the main character - I think the main character was the scientist who was her former lover, and who hadn't been bobbled. The book definitely starts with her bobble suddenly popping and her shuttle crashing. I reread both novels a few days ago.

http://greenoaksgroup.com/302-how-i.php Both use bobbles, and The Peace War does start with a pilot coming out of stasis; bobbles could be of any size. But bobbles in space were extensively used in the sequel, Marooned in Realtime. The two books were later combined under one set of covers as Across Realtime. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Interesting from the first to the last page, in no way dated, cool characters Pham Nuwen went straight into the Pantheon of the most memorable science fiction characters, sitting right next to Gully Foyle and interesting aliens, full of wonderful ideas.

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I enjoyed it so much that when I was finished I looked around for more books that feature far-evolved AI and what that means for humanity. Someone recommended some stuff by Stross and of course So, 11 books later, that's how my Asher-Love-Story began.

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Such a pity that Vinge is kind of a slow writer, with something new only every couple of years. I hear they're quite good.

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I intend to order some more Vinge books, just as soon as I get around to checking which ones I have up in my loft. Well, Rainbows End is worth reading, but a bit overrated with it's Hugo, imho. Kind of off topic but Eric Brown's "Helix" is a tough act to follow, it was So good. Don't you guys hate books that do that? Well the dogs in Fire were alien enough for me, but you are right about the spiders in Deepness.

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I am quite sure he deliberately modelled this whole spider-society very similar to earth to make the Emergents and Focused look even more alien to the reader. In this he succeeds, but I agree that there are flaws in the way he does it, it's a bit too superficial to be fully believable.