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Therefore, a change in emphasis was envisioned that redirected research and development into new areas where porous materials could be used in higher value applications, enabling us to successfully differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

How Engineers Maximize Product Potential with Porous Polymers

Significant advances in surface chemistry have been achieved in recent years and have often come about through collaboration with Universities such as Cranfield, Essex, Brighton, Bangor and Swansea in privately sponsored research programmes. The advances in chemistry discovered during this work spun out into several exciting new concepts and has led to the developed of many new and unique materials and products. Some of these porous materials, such as those based on composites, surface modification and surface functionalisation have unique properties that allow them to be used in much more demanding, high value applications.

Our basic ranges of porous polyethylene and polypropylene polymers have been enhanced for use in many biomedical and pharmaceutical applications that demand a high technical performance rather than a low cost. For example, we have developed and patented technologies that change the chemical nature of the basic porous polymers making them hydrophilic, hydrophobic or functionalised with selective chemical groups.

Porous Polymer Chemistry

This has allowed them to be used in many bioscience applications such as antibody purification, protein separation, solid phase extraction SPE , affinity separation, liquid chromatography, DNA extraction, and ChIP assays. Through continuous development, we are now able to meet the demands of our chosen high value, and growing worldwide markets. Get in touch with Porvair Filtration We'll connect you to the right industry specialist.

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I am very happy to announce that the following speakers have kindly agreed to give plenary talks: Markus Antonietti Neil B. McKeown Omar M.

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