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Juan's temper and his deeply felt prejudice against 'the comunistas' soon lead to a full-scale family feud. Hector wants no part of this feud, and secretly does everything he can to make peace between the two families. But Hector must also make peace with his father. Suggested level: secondary. Playing with fire by Jonathan Harlen Book 1 edition published in in English and held by 54 WorldCat member libraries worldwide Kelvin Hunt, the ear-biting, eye-gouging, in-your-face coach of the Australian rugby team, has been abducted by six masked men in a helicopter. Who could have pulled such a brazen stunt?

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But Dandruff is no ordinary goat. Suggested level: primary. The yowie thief by Jonathan Harlen Book 1 edition published in in English and held by 25 WorldCat member libraries worldwide Novel for children by a New Zealander. Lucy and the whale by Jonathan Harlen Book 2 editions published in in English and held by 24 WorldCat member libraries worldwide When Lucy finds a stranded whale on the beach, she is determined to play her part in the attempt to save its life.

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English 71 Italian 3 French 1. H, NZ Project Page Feedback Known Problems. Thank you. Something really big must be going on. The Nazis were Germans. It could be a Nazi disguised as an American.

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You know, like they did in Raiders of the Lost Ark. We defeated them sixty years ago! More voices were talking out in the corridor. The exodus continued for several minutes. Just as the noise died down, two more sets of footsteps approached, this time coming from the opposite direction. The footsteps stopped outside the cupboard door. Got a match?

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He just orders us around like he owns the place. Ever since it attacked us at the bottom of the ocean. And we let it get away. Why should we quit our battle manoeuvres and go racing off halfway around the Pacific to catch a goddam squid? Can you hear? Both of them pressed their ears firmly against the door. Shayla and Ziggy waited until they had gone, then opened the door of the storage cupboard and sneaked out. But it could be anywhere. And the periscope comes up out of the conning tower.

How come you know so much about Nazi submarines, Sigmund? Nobody was around. It looked as though the entire crew was already at the briefing. This room was filled with flashing lights, display panels and glowing computers. Shayla and Ziggy sneaked up as close as they dared, and poked their heads around the door.

The room was jammed full of submariners. It could probably have fitted thirty of them comfortably, but Ziggy guessed there were seventy or eighty inside. The room was also full of computers, sonar screens, satellite navigation equipment, a weapons control centre, and all kinds of other hi-tech gear. When they were sure no one was looking, they ducked in through the door behind these wetsuits and hid themselves. They soon spotted Admiral Crushmore standing in front of the sailors. He was a tall, broad-shouldered man with a flat nose and a huge square chin.

His puffed-out chest was covered in medals and ribbons. His eyes were almost completely hidden under two enormous beetling black eyebrows, but the rest of his hair what little they could see of it, sticking out from under his cap was a distinguished silvery grey. On this screen was a photo of the jellyfish. The picture had been taken somewhere deep under the ocean. It showed the jellyfish in blurry close-up, caught in a blinding flash of white light, with inky black water all around. Most of the crew were staring at the picture.

They were murmuring and whispering to each other nervously. As the two children waited and watched, the murmuring grew louder. The men pressed in closer, eager for a better look. Finally Admiral Crushmore raised a hand for silence. Our destiny is in our hands.

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Now is the hour we must grasp the nettle of danger and turn the tide of history, once and for all. At the very back of the crowd, not far from where Ziggy and Shayla were hiding, two men groaned. Work, or daytime television. This is the very same creature that attacked us, without warning, at the bottom of the ocean, forty-eight hours ago.

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New information has come to light that demonstrates exactly how dangerous this creature is. Indeed, I am not exaggerating when I say that it could well be the greatest threat the human race has faced since the dawn of the last Ice Age. We managed to fight it off, but it escaped before we could destroy it. According to the boys in the sonar room, it goes down thousands of miles. In fact, it goes down all the way to the centre of the Earth. The very heart of our planet. The men looked at each other uneasily. In Geometry? Imagine it for a moment. The heat would be unbearable. Our blood would boil in our veins.

Our eyes would melt in our sockets. Our tongues would come dripping out our mouths.

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The whole idea is insane! The centre of the Earth is hollow! Otherwise it would drop like a stone!

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Or is your head still buried in those outdated high-school textbooks of yours? You obviously know much more than me. I was briefing you all on the enemy jellyfish. Now where was I? Grasping the nettle of danger.